My #1 Secret for Increasing Your Business Profits



It’s NOT marketing differently.



It’s NOT a new sales technique.



It’s NOT pinching your pennies.

And I rarely EVER hear any bookkeeper or accountant recommend it. 

Join me on Thursday, December 8th at 1PM ET  (10AM PT)

for this brand new workshop.


Hi, I’m Amy Bradbury, the Profit Chick.  I am so excited to introduce you to the Kolbe ATM Index.  I’ve been using it in my business for more than 5 years, and have seen my clients have HUGE breakthroughs when introducing it into our consulting work together.

I promise you that this simple and practical assessment will have a powerful impact on both your business and personal life.

Understanding yourself and your unique strengths is the absolute key to a profitable business.  When you know & apply your unique Kolbe profile, you can change the way you work with your clients, your finances and your team – and it’s business (+ life) changing.

During this 90-Minute workshop, I will walk you step by step through what the Kolbe ATM Index is.  We’ll talk about each of the action modes and how you can leverage your unique profile to skyrocket your profits.  We’ll also discuss how you can use the Kolbe to improve your communication within your sales conversations, your client and team and even your personal relationships.

Amy’s work with my entire team and our Kolbe profiles uncovered so many lightbulb moments for me.  She was able to show me exactly where I should be spending my time, where I need to have team support me, and most importantly where I was missing opportunities for cutting the costs of running my business. I couldn’t believe she was able to tell me so much from just reading each of our profile numbers!

Dawn Andrews, Free Range Thinking

Amy’s unique combination of Kolbe knowledge and business smarts is so eye opening.  She was able to help me immediately see areas in my business where I had potential profit leaks.  As a long line quickstart I so appreciated that we were able to find and fix things so easily, spending just a few minutes clearing them up will easily save me thousands this year.  You have to get your hands on Amy’s strategies!

Laura Wright, Epic at Sales

Working with Amy to understand my Kolbe profile not only helped me tailor the way I tackle tasks to be more productive, it also helped me form strong partnerships, and tailor communication with the individuals I work with to address things that were important for their Kolbe strengths so we could move forward in a more efficient way that drove results.

Rachel Carey-McElwaney, Emerging Lotus Coaching 

How do I find out what my Kolbe profile is?

You can use this link to take your Kolbe assessment for $49. I recommend taking it before the workshop.

What if I am a total beginner to the world of Kolbe?

No worries!  I am going to walk you through everything you need to know about this assessment. And if you have been working with Kolbe for some time, come to the workshop to hear about the unique profit leaks that I have identified that each action mode likely has in their business.

Will you run this again? I can't come on that day, but I want this information!

I totally understand busy schedules! And to be totally honest, I am not sure when I will run this workshop again.  Go ahead and register and we will send you a recording of the entire workshop the next day.

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