5 Day #LoveYourProfits Challenge

Whether you missed any of the daily emails, or just want to review them again, here’s a one-stop for all of the good stuff!  Enjoy!

Imagine that it is February 15, 2017 and you are writing a letter to me to let me know how much things have changed over the last year.  What is different?  Where are you now?

  • What does your team look like?
  • What are you earning as the CEO of your business each month?
  • What has changed about your personal life?

Some of the things I have written to myself over the years include expanding my team of bookkeepers, a vacation to Disney World with my family, a great new coach that I am working with, date nights with my husband, and more!

This is your time to really dream. 

So pour a cup of coffee (or wine) and write me a letter and tell me the top 5 things that are different in your business.

Today, we are going to talk about changing those hopes, wishes & dreams into reality.  And the most effective way to do that is to set a goal and track your progress towards that goal.

First, let’s chat quickly about tracking.  I see tracking very differently – and as a very individual exercise for each person and each business.  There are lots of gurus out there who will tell you everything you need to track in your business.  And it’s overwhelming and no wonder that most people make the choice to instead, track nothing.

I have learned that you have to set goals, and then use tracking to move towards those goals.   Most people set positive goals, but then surround them with negative language.

 So, first – let’s do a language makeover…

 (Before) I am tracking my calories, so I cannot have (wine, ice cream, anything but celery)

(After) I am being mindful about what I am eating because I have a health goal.  Therefore, I am going to choose wine instead of ice cream tonight. It makes me feel empowered and in control to make a choice.

(Before) We are saving and I am tracking my spending, so I cannot (buy new shoes, replace my holy underwear, have any fun)

(After) I am tracking my savings so that I can go on that dream vacation.  I feel empowered that we have a plan to meet our goal.  I can almost feel the sun on my face and the drink in my hand.

(Before) My bookkeeper/husband/wife keeps track of my numbers, and I’m not even exactly sure what sales and expenses my business has each month.

(After) I am choosing to track my business numbers every day, and look at the numbers even though I feel uncomfortable.   I know that as a CEO these are things I have to do to feel empowered in my business.

As Paul Coelho reminds us in The Alchemist, “When you want something, all of the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” When your goals & everyday language is framed with positive, empowering language, the outcomes are also positive and empowering.

 OK – Next Step:  Stop Wishin’ – Start Gettin’

Step #1:

Take the letter you wrote yesterday.  Read it again and as you are reading, write down 5 goals that you will focus on which will help you to reach that February 2017 vision that you are holding for yourself.

As you are writing your goals, be sure that you are using empowering language.  I want you to read each of them out loud – here are some scripts you can play with:

  • I am committed to…
  • I have decided that I will…

Write these goals down and keep them visible. Some of my clients have an index card on their desk, a picture frame with the goals printed on pretty paper, written on a whiteboard in their office, or flashing on their computer screen saver.  Whatever works for you.

Step #2:

Let’s figure out how to track your progress towards these goals.  Small incremental steps make for big progress.

Your worksheet has a sample list of things you can start to track.  Circle 5 of the ideas on there (or add your own) to determine which will get you the greatest traction towards your goals.

There are 3 things that every business owner HAS to track.  No Exceptions.  So, those are already chosen for you.   🙂 You’re welcome.

Think about how you are going to achieve each of your goals, and what you can track consistently to watch your progress towards those goals. 

For example, if you want to add 5 clients to your business, think about how you are going to get those new clients.

  • Are you going to go to networking meetings?
  • How many do you need to go to in order to get 5 new clients?
  • How many sales conversations do you need to have to find those 5 clients?

Come over to the FaceBook group and share with us what you circled that you will be tracking.  I would love to give you some feedback on how to decide what to track so you can meet your goals.

PS: If you are finding it’s hard to match up a tracking metric with your goal, perhaps you need to shift your goal slightly so that it has measurable language in it.  Here are some key questions you should be able to answer with your goal:

What are you going to achieve? By when? How will you know you have been successful?  How can you measure that success?

Today, I want to keep the momentum going and support you in creating a plan that will work for you to stick with your tracking so you can see definitive progress towards those goals.

We are going to use today’s sheet to create your plan.  Take a moment right now, think about the answers to these questions and record them in the spaces provided.


First, write down your first five.  These are the 5 things you have decided that you are going to track.  I am calling them your first five since these will change over time based on your business & personal goals. 


I’m the mother of a super curious boy who loves to ask this question.  Somedays it can be the last thing I want to hear one.more.time.    🙂   Can you relate?

But, it’s so powerful. Right away, I want you to focus on WHY you are doing this.  Anytime the fear, doubt or worry creeps in, I want you to read your WHY statement.  Remind yourself that you are looking at your numbers because it will allow you to take the family to Disney.  It will help you sleep better at night without worrying about the tax monster under your bed.  What the message is you feel you have to get out into the world.  Who you know you have to help.

Be descriptive and convincing.  Remember you are going to read this in the future when you need a boost, so sell yourself on the why, over and over.


When you are you going to do your tracking?  In the morning each day for yesterday’s numbers?  Once a week on Sundays?  Friday evenings before you close up for the week?  Each day before you leave the office?

Think about what you are tracking, and how often you need to track each, and then schedule it now.


2 parts to this one.  First of all, where are you going to be physically when you are doing your tracking?  At your desk?  On the porch?  Kid’s soccer practice?  Go to your happy place, set the mood.  Make your favorite cup of coffee or tea, diffuse your favorite oils and make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

And, where are you going to do your tracking? There are tons of great apps out there for tracking where you can mark something off that you have done each day.  You could use a Google Doc, Excel spreadsheet, notepad/journal, etc.  If you have a wall in your office you can tack up a large post it note and track there, and fill in your progress.

Think about whether you are a visual person, technical person, how you like to see information and how it makes sense for you.  This is all really individual and about setting you up for long term success.


How are you actually going to track?  Where is the information coming from?  Do you need to get the information from another person on your team?  What system do you need to set up with them so they know what info you need to receive and when you need it?

 Do you need an accountability buddy to call you on Sunday mornings to be sure you are doing your tracking?  Someone you tell you did it once you are done?    

This is the final day of our challenge – 

But, don’t worry – this isn’t the END – it is merely the BEGINNING!

This could be the start of a new chapter of your business, and your life.  

I know you want to keep the momentum going that you have built this week. So, today that’s what we are going to focus on.

Here’s my challenge for you today:

1. Write down each of the 5 goals that you set for yourself this week.

2. Next to/under each goal, I want you to list 2 things that you can do within the next 7 days that will start you on the path to achieving those goals.    

Look at each of your goals and break them down into smaller steps.  No action is too small if it’s in the right direction.   

3. Pull out your calendar and choose a time that you will do each of the 10 actions that you now have on your list.  

If you are stuck and can’t figure out what your next action should be, ask me.  I love helping other entrepreneurs figure out that next small step.  

That’s it!  Small, easy challenge – but I promise you it will pay you back over and over again! 🙂

Here’s the replay link for our celebration/Q&A HotSeat Call.  My presentation slides cut out a bit, but the audio is still great.

If you want to see all of the details for the new program I announced, you can find them here: www.FinanciallyEmpoweredCEO.com


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