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My Favorite Things!

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Monkeypod Marketing

If you are an Infusionsoft user, you have to join Monkeypod.  Greg is an unlimited wealth of knowledge & his FaceBook group answers my Infusionsoft issues faster than calling into their tech support.

You can get a feel for him through his 5 Lessons of Automation series.  Check it out today!   


In my opinion, the most powerful marketing software available.    Check it the demo today!   


Fabulous time tracking software!
time tracking app for quickbooks

Here are my courses, listed in the order I usually recommend them for people:

IS Starter Kit ($57)

This is my most basic course. It’s roughly 5 hours of content spread over 40 short and actionable modules. It’s broad, and it covers all sorts of basic elements of Infusionsoft. It’s really designed to help people learn how to think about Infusionsoft, how to talk about Infusionsoft, and to get comfortable navigating around it, and doing some basic tasks (Set up LeadScoring, Send a Broadcast, etc). It does not cover Campaign Builder, Ecommerce, Opportunities, or Referral Partners. There is a free trial, where the user can grab 6 sample modules for free.

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CB: Trilogy Course ($197)

This is my most popular course. It is broken into three chapters, and yes, people can buy the chapters individually. But most people buy all three, and there is a $197 is the discounted price if they choose to do that. This course comprehensively cover the campaign builder, from A-Z. It starts with really basic Goal -> Sequence stuff, and it wraps up with live campaign editing, reporting, looping, and all the bells and whistles.

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LCM: Real Life ($147)

This course is my personal favorite. I am a huge proponent of the Lifecycle Marketing (LCM) concepts, but I think that far too many businesses get stuck when it comes to answering “how” they can do this. So, this course basically walks them through using the campaign builder to actually design and build a cohesive Lifecycle Marketing Strategy.

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E-commerce Pod ($147)

This one is less strategic overall, and a little more technical. This course is for people who plan to sell using Infusionsoft and want the easiest path possible to launching. I cover all of the e-commerce settings you need to know in order to launch, as well as configuring the various settings and reports in order to really drive that forward. There’s a little campaign builder magic when it comes to talking about fulfillment, but that’s minimal.

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Referral Pod ($127)

I recommend this course for businesses that are already using E-commerce, or are about to be, and are looking for a new channel of leads. Designing and launching a referral partner program can be powerful, but it’s really important that your business is ready for it. This course is actually a step-by-step walk through as I build the Monkeypod Referral Partner Program, and the goal is for the user to be able to follow along and design their own.

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