Our Team Is Growing!

For all of our positions, we are hiring only employees, not contractors who are also looking to build their own businesses.  We provide a flexible work environment, and while you are required to attend team and client calls, outside of those you can set your own hours.

Here’s how to tell right away if you are a great fit for us…

  • You have a great office area set-up with high-speed internet and a great computer that you take good care of. You’re comfortable talking on video with team & clients.  You love tech and how it can support you in your work. You aren’t afraid to jump in and figure something out or Google it when you don’t know the answer.
  • You have a sense of humor.  In fact, when you meet people and tell them you work in accounting, they are often shocked. (Because let’s be honest everyone thinks accounting people are old boring frumpy dudes and that is NOT us!
  • You LOVE checklists, to do lists, and sometimes put things on them just to be able to check them off! (Oh, is that just me?!)
  • Tax season is a fun challenge and you love hustling hard while you are working – and REALLY enjoy your downtime outside of work. Boundaries are important when you work from home.  Work-a-holics need not apply!
  • You love talking about money.  It’s fun for you.  You love communicating with women about their finances and want to help us empower our clients to truly understand their numbers.

Sound like you? 

Awesome, we would love to have you apply. Click through each job description to see who we are currently hiring.

Virtual Bookkeeper

Tax Assistant

Client Account Manager  (Position Currently Closed!)

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