Here are the things that we can work on together:

Sales & Marketing:

Building a Team:

Briliant Onboarding – make your clients feel wow’d from the start

Project management & Flow – not getting enough done?  Let’s figure out where the snags are and release them

Customer Service

Using software to automate your business

Dashboard – what are you tracking?  what should you be tracking?  how do you accomplish it without spending hours entering data into a tiny little spreadsheet?

How to decide what to do next





Entrepreneurs – are you going to be able to be the rock star and also the band?


I want you to imagine that YOU are the rock star on the stage ready to great your fans.


What if you were not only the lead signer of the band, but you also:


Booked the Venue

Negotiated the contract

Booked the travel

Figured out the logistics of everyone arriving

set up all of the seats

sold the t shirts

sold tickets

promoted the event

handed out flyers


all of those things



when you finally show up to sing your anthem – how much breathe would you have left?


Let’s take a hint from the rock stars and put together YOUR rider.

what support do you need in your business?


So that when you get on stage and it’s time for you to sing – you can sing your song.


You are an entrepreneur who needs a Profit Strategy.  You need a Chief Strategy Officer to:

  • Refine your marketing & sales process
  • Leverage your team
  • and whip your finances into shape!


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