“Year End is such a stressful time for entrepreneurs.  There are so many things to worry about, that can totally leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed.  If you want to finish 2016 with a feeling of empowerment instead…this is for you!”

-Amy Bradbury, “The Profit Chick”


Now you can get my entire “Year End Ease Bundle” for a Massive 77% Off – Next 4 Days Only!



Dear Awesome Freedom-Seeking Entrepreneur,

For the next 4 days, I am offering you a fabulous 77% discount on my favorite profit boosting short cut method. This is just for you – to thank you for being such a special part of my community.

This is my proven super fast fix that has made incredible differences in my client’s businesses and their profit.  Yes, For only $27.  

But it’s only for the next 4 days, so don’t miss out!

I’m offering this sale in celebration of YOU – the entrepreneur, and to thank you for being part of my community.  Let’s celebrate the *freedom*  that you are creating with your business.  The one true way to create that freedom is with profit.  And I am going to show you the super easy way you can increase your profit TODAY and make steps towards that freedom you seek.

When you take advantage of this bundle offer, you can start increasing your profit immediately with my favorite shortcut method:


This shortcut method is so powerful, I would easily sell it for over $100- but it’s important to me to help give you a huge push down that path to freedom today and thank you for being part of my community – so I am giving it to you for only $27.

Yup, Only $27!

Countdown is not available.

This offer has now expired.

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And, if 77% in savings isn’t enough for fireworks and celebrations, I am also throwing in

5 FREE BONUSES Worth over $550! 

If these 5 bonuses were sold separately, they would go for over $550…but when you accept my special bundle offer, you can have them today for free!

You’ll get instant access to…

BONUS #1: My “Let me show you HOW to afford this” method.  It’s lovingly referred to by my clients as the ‘Anti-Suze Orman’ method and while she wouldn’t ‘approve it’ my clients LOVE how I have flipped traditional thinking to show them how they can afford anything they want.

BONUS #2: Profitable Productivity: My 5 favorite productivity hacks that allow me to have optimal productivity (and profitability) every day.

BONUS #3:The 5 numbers you must look at in your business.  Honestly, you could skip everything else, just look at these, and you would be further ahead than 95% of the entrepreneurs I speak with.

BONUS #4: Take the Power Back. Of course you hate numbers, taxes, accounting – that’s what you have been taught. You can step into your CEO power today by following these quick and easy tips and checklists.

BONUS #5: How to set up your accounting system (or tell your bookkeeper to set it up) for optimal profit.  There are 5 key mistakes I see most entrepreneurs and bookkeepers making when setting up their accounting system files .  Flip these and increase profit today.  The best part is – this works no matter what software you decide to work with.

*AND* – I am throwing in my most requested template – Cash Flow Made Easy.  Now you can know – at a glance – when you will run out of cash so you can be more strategic with your money.

I have chosen these programs especially for you – the freedom seeking entrepreneur.  And with these resources, you will be able to have more freedom this month – and every month.   

Purchased Separately, This is a Massive Value of over $750.

Yours for ONLY $27

(Limited Time)

Countdown is not available.

This offer has now expired.

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Refund Policy: Due to the high value and the fact that we are giving you exactly what is described on this page – available for download immediately – there are no refund available for this bundle.

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